Radianation *Live* - Photo by Rincewind

Radianation - Karmony Press Release


Louipimps Records

Radianation, a unique blend of quality songwriting and authentic electronica. The sounds range from slamming 4/4 beats to cutting edge intelligent breaks.

These songs are written and produced by Andrew Aebersold and feature the vocals of Annie Gibson.

Radianation was originally a solo act, founded by Andrew N. Aebersold in 1989.

Over the years Radianation expanded to include contributions from several vocalists.

In 2002 Radianation evolved into the current state of a two-piece act.

Members include Andrew N. Aebersold (Songwriter, Producer, Keyboards) and Annie Gibson (Vocals, Songwriter) with live shows occasionally featuring other musicians.

Radianation spans across many genres and is constantly updating the sounds and experimenting with music in general. Previous Radianation albums may have been geared more towards techno or other various electronica genres such as house or trance. However, current songs and works in progress are a very unique blend of electronic music, euro-pop, and trance.

All members have formal training in music and continue to expand their knowledge by actively honing their musical abilities.

Release Date: 1/17/06