Casting Spells

Radianation’s new album is out now!

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Casting Spells is the fifth full length album from Radianation, but in many ways it feels like the sophomore release. It showcases 12 songs in the alt-rock and new wave genres, including the singles Turn It Inside Out, Feelings About Feelings, Don’t Play The Game, and I Wanna Be Everywhere With You. If you didn’t know Radianation started as an electronic music producer, you probably will by the time you’re done listening to this album.

I believe that Casting Spells showcases the evolution of Radianation. Music, when created with intent, can be a spell. I put positive intention into the songs I write, and they tell a story. They have highs and lows, but even in the darkest moments a light of hope shines through. We’re not alone.

– Andrew / Radianation


Radianation “Casting Spells”
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