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Radianation - Deity

Album Title: Deity (EP)

Released: August 8, 2006

The Deity EP features four remixes from exceptional producers along with the original album version. It also includes a special remix of Higher Plane. This is a digital release only and can be downloaded from your favorite digital music store.

1 Deity (Album Version)
2 Deity (J-Break Remix)
3 Deity (American X "Full on Frontal" Remix)
4 Deity (People Theatre "Opportunities" Remix)
5 Deity (Perj "Open Your Mind" Remix)
Radianation - Karmony "Album Cover"

Album Title: Karmony

Released: January 17, 2006

Karmony is the brand new album from Radianation. Electronica Pop Music with vocals.

1 Deity
2 Dr. Sicks
3 Deep Emotions
4 Minds Exit
5 Something Like Something Good
6 Nonstop Dancing
7 The Same Dream
8 Take Me Away
9 Step Inside
10 Find A Way
11 Prettiest Girl
12 December
13 Higher Plane

Radianation - Don't Wake Up From My Dream album cover

Album Title: LIVE PA / Don't Wake Up From My Dream...

Released: February 20, 1999

Don't wake up from my dream... is a 74 minute non-stop mix of all  Techno,  House, Trance, Breakbeat, and Europop songs that will keep you in Radianation's dream until the very last note. You won't hear quite the same 80's touch as you did on Megalomania. This is the real deal. Harder, Louder, and Faster. The album starts out solid and ends up with some moving melodies and touching harmonies that leave you begging for more.

1 Louisville's Got The Element (Nosferadu Edit)
2 Deep E
3 Star Tripz & Tracerz
4 Sicks Senses
5 Megalomania (BassBin Edit)
6 Get Down Syndrome
7 It's Emotional
8 Turn It Up (Variable Edit)
9 Supercalimajestikdelicious (Instrumental Edit)
10 Gimmie Some
11 Phage (Bleeding Edit)
12 Don't Wake Up From My Dream...
13 I Wanna Fall In Love
14 GoodStuff
15 Welcome To The End (Telephone Edit)
16 Absolute Virtue
17 Necrology (Bonus Track)

Radianation - Megalomania album cover

Album Title: Megalomania

Released: February 1997

Megalomania is the official debut release from Radianation featuring 17 dynamic tracks. They range from old-school techno, to hardcore-breakbeat. This release combines some melodies you might find in 80's synth-pop with driving basslines and pounding beats,  creating a sound that both the rave community and the non-techno fanatics can appreciate. This is also an excellent CD for background music. Many computer programmers have given this CD excellent reviews because even though it's a moving sound, the songs don't require your full attention to be appreciated!

1 Voyage
2 Radianation
3 Element Nothing (Harmony Edit)
5 Evil Theory
6 Silent Screams 
7 Satan on Speed
8 Save The World
9 Divination
10 K2K Funk E
11 Find A Way
12 Megalomania - Elusive Edit 
13 XSX - Hyper Edit
14 Radianation - Subsonic Edit
15 Voyage - Departure Edit
16 Pyramajikal
17 Swerve Party Live `96

Radianation also appears on the following LOUiPiMPS compilation series titled "Variable".

Variable 04

Artists: Radianation, Electrostatic, Ravenshadow, Sweater Kittens, Boyfriend Girlfriend, The Wäks, 9VoltRevolt, Saidux, Intercom
Title: Variable 04

Featuring the Radianation song "Dark Moon"

Style: Various (Electronica / Indie)
Format: CD
Release Date: 2008 April
Catalog # LPS-18

[ Emusic ]

Variable 03 - Featuring Radianation album cover

Album Title: Variable 03

Underground Release Date: November 18th, 2000
Street Release Date: January 9th, 2001

The Variable concept is to include a variety of electronic music styles on one album. We feel that all of these songs have something in common and finding that common bond is a way of exposing new sounds to listeners who may have only enjoyed one particular style of electronic music in the past. I hope you have as much fun listening to this album as we did making it.

Click on MP3 to download an audio sample of the song or click on ASF to stream the song using Windows Media Player.

1 IceMoon - Plasma
2 Eliminate Me - Electrostatic
3 Something Like Something Good - Radianation
4 Landscape - Capsule (Ambr.Sea Remix)
5 DJ Appreciation - Spinach
6 Close Enough - Breastfed
7 O.D. - Lunasect
8 Duality - Electrostatic (J.Falcon Remix)
9 Around & Around - Issa (Magnifik Remix)
10 World Outside - Capsule
11 Light Streams Into Hollow - Naohito Uchiyama
12 We End Up Around - Daniel Miller

Variable 02 - Featuring Radianation album cover

Album Title: Variable 02

Release Date: November 9th, 1999

This annual LOUiPiMPS compilation features a variety of music styles from many different artists. Radianation produces this compilation, and also does the post production work on it as well. Track 10 was a last minute contribution by Radianation, and has become a classic. There was also a release party held in which we gave away over 700 copies to the people in attendance.

1 Visions of Division - Breastfed
2 Shadowchasing - Lunasect
3 Regret (Demo) - Kaj
4 Broken Bed Head - Stabilizer
5 Slice - Moonbuggy
6 Higher Feeling - Kudos
7 Taken - Breastfed
8 Reflection (Tripnobass Mix) - Electrostatic
9 Follow Me - Kaj
10 Longer than Life - Radianation
11 A State of Mind - Kudos
12 Tru Playa 4 Life - Bishop
13 Someday - Electrostatic
14 formulaic: form 1/2 - Advancer
Variable 01 - Featuring Radianation album cover

Album Title: Variable 01

Released: May 1998

Variable 01 was the first album on LOUiPiMPS to feature other artists. Radianation not only produced this album, but also recruited the other artists to be on the CD. This album sold extremely well on the underground market, breaking all album sales to date. Unfortunately, Variable 01 never made it on the shelves of any stores nationally. You can only order it online.

1 Dr. Sicks (Live) - Radianation
2 Turn it Up (Live) - Radianation
3 A Loss of Tocuh (Radio Mix) - Kaj
4 Glitter Kisses (Flutterby Mix) - ...for lilith
5 Hour Before Dawn (Darkside Mix) - Moonbuggy
6 Creeper - Moonbuggy
7 Stress Frag. - Advancer
8 Laetitia Casta - Advancer
9 Pain Generator - Crash A/D
10 From The Darkness - Crash A/D
11 How Many - lo .g.
12 Indo - lo .g.
13 XSX (L-pimp Edit) - Radianation
14 Music for Libraries on Fire - Daniel Farris

Other Radianation Releases

Radianation - This album cover

Album Title: This
(Released under the name of "Rad!")

Released: 1993

This is a collection of some of the earliest electronic music compositions created by Rad! (Andrew N. Aebersold) on an Amiga between the years of 1990 and 1993. This album was distributed mainly through a music demo in the elite wares scene. This album was available in limited quantities on Tape and CD. You won't hear much about this album anywhere else, but it played an important role in the development of Radianation. Someday I'll have samples for you to hear online, and maybe I'll even remix some of them!

1 Dwell Point
2 Into The True Blue
3 Danger G-Mix
4 Open Your Mind (Remix)
5 Get Up & Dance Part 1
Get Up & Dance Part 2
6 House of Rad!
7 Fam!n
8 Dorf-Leben
9 Test Tone
10 Lost My Mind
11 What is to Die?
12 Lost In Love, But Why?
13 Warm Summer Nights
14 Lifesized
15 Lemonade
16 Bass Comes Now
17 Blood Sea Burning