Feelings About Feelings

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Dive into the World of Radianation: A New Love Story Unfolds in “Feelings About Feelings”

I hope this message finds you in great spirits. I’m excited to share some thrilling news about my band, Radianation. We are embarking on a new musical journey by releasing our latest single, “Feelings About Feelings.”

“Feelings About Feelings” is not just another song but a profound emotional experience shaped into a mesmerizing soundscape. The song is an intimate collection of memories that I penned for my wife, commemorating our beautiful journey that began two decades ago. It mirrors the raw emotions and intense feelings that sparked when we first met and continues to echo in our hearts even after 20 years of togetherness. This song will be released on our 18th wedding anniversary weekend, marking a significant milestone in our lives.

Straying from our usual repertoire, “Feelings About Feelings” takes a slightly different musical route. It’s an amalgamation of electronic and alternative rock that seeks to resonate with our listeners in a new yet familiar way. The track begins with an extensive intro using a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments, skillfully designed to set the mood and immerse listeners into the narrative. It then transitions into softer verses, which recount our shared experiences, leading up to an energy-packed chorus representing our bond’s vibrant essence.

This new direction doesn’t indicate a shift from our roots but complements our existing style. It broadens our artistic horizon while continuing to provide our fans with the authentic Radianation experience they have come to love.

We invite you to join us on this emotional journey by giving “Feelings About Feelings” a listen, sharing it within your networks, and giving us feedback. Your support would elevate our music and amplify the essence of a love story that has been two decades in the making.

Thank you for your continued support. We eagerly await your impressions on this new chapter in the Radianation story.

With gratitude,

Andrew N. Aebersold

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