Project 2022

Radianation’s new album is out now!

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Project 2022 features 12 new songs from Radianation, including the three singles Riding Trains, Time Doesn’t Stop, and Going to Die. This album is Alternative Rock with electronic roots. All songs were written, composed, and performed by Andrew N. Aebersold.

I started writing again in November of 2021 after taking an extended break from music. It started out dabbling, and then I committed to updating my DAW of choice, Cubase, and acquiring new plugins, a new soundcard, and a midi controller. I was hoping that making an investment would actually get me to focus on music again.

It turns out I didn’t need a lot of motivation. The pandemic and life experiences had created a buildup of emotions that required some form of creative release. The songs came very naturally, and while the album was finished by March of 2022, the following months were dedicated to improving the mixes and the final mastering of the songs, which I ended up doing myself.

I’m pleased with the final product, and I genuinely hope people find it interesting and appreciate the songs. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where music is not my primary source of income, and streaming technology means I don’t have to ask my friends to make a purchase. I would be honored if you would take the time to give the album a listen.

I appreciate your support, and I hope you enjoy listening to Project 2022.

– Andrew / Radianation

Radianation - Project 2022

Radianation “Project 2022”
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"Each of the 12 tracks that makes up this album takes on a life of its own, yet they all flow together perfectly to take the listener on a journey through dark, melancholic lows and beautiful, bright highs, making Project 2022 well worth the 17-year wait."  - Jeff Polk, LEO Weekly

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