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Project 2022 [LP]
When New Albany native Andrew N. Aebersold says his one-man band Radianation is a lifelong music project, he means it. Now in his third decade of making music under the moniker, Aebersold has released his most ambitious album to date, Project 2022. After taking an extended break from music — 2005’s Karmony being his last release — he began writing and recording again in late 2021. Although still maintaining some influences of his previous releases, Project 2022 sees Aebersold moving away from the electronica and house music of his past and into an original alternative rock sound that falls somewhere between Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, with a tinge of modern pop punk. Using a mixture of guitars (both electric and acoustic), drums, synthesizers, pianos and traditional orchestral instruments, Aebersold showcases his knack for creating larger-than-life, cinematic, epic songs. Each of the 12 tracks that makes up this album takes on a life of its own, yet they all flow together perfectly to take the listener on a journey through dark, melancholic lows and beautiful, bright highs, making Project 2022 well worth the 17-year wait.

Listen Local Music Reviews: The LEO

“Feelings About Feelings” – single

I’ll give Andrew Aebersold a lot of credit; for a man who’s been making music for 30 years now, he just keeps getting better. Aebersold is the man behind the life-long music project Radianation, writing and creating his own material since the early 90’s, and his latest single “Feelings About Feelings” is his most ambitious yet. Written for his wife for their 18th wedding anniversary, “Feelings About Feelings” is “an intimate collection of memories commemorating our beautiful journey that began two decades ago.,” said Aebersold. Falling somewhere in the realm of Radiohead meets Coldplay with an early, more-subdued Nine Inch Nails influence, the song’s verse follows an extremely catchy bass line and punchy drums accented with acoustic guitar and synth, highlighted by Aebersold’s smooth, flowing vocals, all combining to create a serene, peaceful, dream-like soundscape. The chorus kicks it up a notch, taking the song in a more alt-rock direction with the guitar going electric, taking on a heavier tone, and the drums getting even punchier somehow before bringing it all back down. As carefully and masterfully crafted as this song is, it’s not hard to tell this is one very close to his heart. The production here is outstanding as well — crystal clear with each instrument taking on a life of its own while blending perfectly to create this beautiful soundscape. With an anniversary present like this, no doubt there will be at least another 18 years to come! Congratulations!

“Turn it Inside Out” single

Fresh on the heels of his late 2022 full length album Project 2022, New Albany native Andrew Aebersold and his one-man band Radianation are back once again for his latest, and perhaps best track yet, “Turn it Inside Out.” Andrew describes the song as “a dance-pop song with synth and electronic roots,” with lyrics about “Getting through the chaotic work week and going out on the weekend with your friends.” For a guy who took a 16-year break from writing music, (until his Project 2022 album last year, he hadn’t released anything since 2005), Abersold seems to have come back with a fire in his belly, and a head full of great song ideas. He’s churning out the best tunes of his career (Radianation dates back to the mid-90s). A wonderful blend of modern pop and electronica with an 80’s new wave feel. The chorus of this song is so insanely catchy and upbeat that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for days, nor do I want to. This song is the musical embodiment of the feeling of clocking out of your job for the weekend. If you’re not smiling by the end of this track, you’re gonna need to check your pulse.

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The fourth album from Louisville electronica duo Radianation, called Karmony, hits shelves Jan. 17. But Andrew N. Aebersold can’t wait quite that long to debut it for the masses. Their CD release party is Friday at Main Street Lounge.
Karmony spans a number of subgenres commonly affixed to the electronica tag, from techno and house to pop and watery, undulating trance. Gibson’s vocals soar over Aebersold’s synth beats with a sniper’s precision, aided at times by electronic effects. The music is at times dreamy and others mercurial, mostly up-tempo and all danceable.

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Since its formation in 1989, the dance duo Radianation has morphed into a truly original combination of Euro-pop, electronica, and intelligent dance music. Its 2006 album is a compelling mix of genres that’s as smart as it is danceable.

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