A special type of Alternative Music
by a product of Generation X
not to be forgotten.

Time Doesn’t Stop is the new single from Radianation. Check it out on Spotify or your favorite streaming service.

About Radianation

Radianation is the lifelong music project of Andrew N. Aebersold.  

Forming from the ashes of the 90’s rave scene, Radiation now shifts its style to one with alternative and electronic rock elements. His instrumentation blurs the lines between what is tangible and what is not. The music evokes mature angst on a magnificent scale, with just the right amount of human emotion to distance himself from his old contemporaries and what some may consider robotic. Heavy beats with crystal clear snare and cymbals and epic, climactic hooks with crunchy guitar riffs ensure what is happening in your ears is more than a mere rave or dance party; it’s a true musical experience; one that is tinged with the human touch.

Combining epic soundscapes with a post-pandemic edge, Radianation’s new single “Riding Trains” encapsulates the lack of closure many felt in the spring of 2020 when our lives changed abruptly, drastically, and seemingly forever. The diverse instrumentation provides a driving beat and layers of electric and acoustic guitar. The rest of his work incorporates elements of orchestral strings, synthesizers, and more.  

Radianation’s new full-length album “Project 2022” will be released on October 7th, 2022.

Andrew N. Aebersold

Believe and it’s reality.

– Radianation

Latest Albums

Radianation - Project 2022

Project 2022

Released: 2022
Label: LPS Records
Format: Digital Download

Riding Trains (Single)

Released: 2022
Label: LPS Records
Format: Digital Download

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