Radianation: noun

1. A nation of like-minded individuals transcending time, space, and alternate realities. Its members share a common belief in enlightenment and passionately pursue improving life for everything good, whether real or imagined. This community, Radianation, is united by a shared vision of a better world, and their bond is unbreakable, even across different dimensions.

2. The lifelong musical project of Andrew N. Aebersold

The brand new Radianation album titled “Casting Spells” is out now on all streaming services.

About Radianation

Emerging from the heart of New Albany, Radianation, a solo musical endeavor by Andrew N. Aebersold, spans a career rich in passion, creativity, and innovation.

Radianation, Aebersold’s labor of love, is a tribute to his deep-seated passion for music. His latest full-length release, “Project 2022,” is a testament to his ability to create a symphony of sounds as diverse as they are harmonious. Drawing from an expansive palette of music genres, Aebersold adds his signature modern touch, crafting a unique blend of guitars, synthesizers, pianos, and orchestral instruments. The result? A sound that is refreshingly novel yet comfortably familiar.

Since the mid-1990s, Radianation has carved a niche in the music industry, initially catering to the electronic music scene. Aebersold’s enduring journey has witnessed a significant evolution, notably a fusion of alternative and electronic rock elements. His music, a tangible blend of instruments and intangible emotions, encapsulates a mature angst that is both relatable and profound, starkly contrasting his contemporaries’ perceived robotic output.

Radianation’s music promises an experience beyond just foot-tapping beats. The heavy rhythms, climactic hooks, and guitar riffs take listeners on a riveting musical journey that balances human touch and musical prowess.

Over the years, what was once considered a critique has evolved into a defining characteristic of Radianation. Aebersold’s tracks are diverse, varying from electronic to pop to alt-rock, each aimed at delivering a captivating narrative through the universal language of sound. Radianation is not merely about creating music but curating unforgettable sound stories.


Believe and it’s reality.

– Radianation

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